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     My name is Troy. Many people mistake me for "TJ", however that is just the business name.

     I started the business back in 2016 in my senior year of Highschool. Some homeowners we have serviced for years may remember when the business name was TB Lawn Care for a few months, until it was swiftly changed to honor the main reason the business was opened. My father’s name was Jim and I wanted to honor his memory as it was a dream of mine to one day own this business with him.
     Before landscaping, I worked at the Howell PAL, and was a Substitute Teacher Aid for K-8 in Howell. Was a camp counselor for one Summer as well (and enjoyed it greatly), until I decided to go full time with the business in 2019.

     I went full-time with the business at 20 years old as I believed in what I spent the previous 3 years creating and saw the potential it had. Now, we continue to service a large number of homes in Monmouth County, expanding our borders each year... Adding new services, upgrading equipment, and always hiring great people!
     To go from a beat up and old F-250 truck with push mowers in the bed and ramps to get them in and out, to multiple trailers and zero turn mowers in this short time has just shown we are obviously doing something right as homeowners call us back each year to take care of their properties. If you are reading this as part of your decision to pick a Lawn Service this year... Please know we treat all our properties as if they were our own. Thank you for your consideration!

     In addition, please note that if you are considering us to service your property, you may have noticed a button at the top of our website leading you towards YouTube. We have a channel where we post videos of your projects, how to videos, and reviews of equipment mainly for other guys out there looking to start a business at a young age to teach them. We will always ask before recording on a property!

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