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Landscaping Design

No matter how big or small the job, TJ Lawn and Landscape will get your landscape job done and looking right. Please feel free to take a look at our Before and After page for reference.

Fall/Spring Cleanup

There is lots of work to be done in the fall. Let us take care of your weekend chores! Spring is a crucial time of year for your property.

Snow Removal

Winter time means cold weather, snow, sleet, and ice. We like to make the winter months as easy and stress free as possible for our customers.

Soil Testing

Consistent levels of Potassium, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Ph are a huge factor in germination when it comes to seeding a property. Make sure your levels are good before treatment!

Flower Bed Maintenance 

Natural mulch is extremely beneficial for a garden. It traps moisture in the soil so you don’t have to water as often, and it acts as an insulator so your plants’ roots don’t get too hot. 


Mulch is something spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil. We can do mulch for more than just flower beds. Whatever you may need, we can do!


TJ Lawn and Landscape will always recommend using a Tall Fescue grass seed when applying a new lawn or overseeding. It stays Green year round and looks beautiful all the time!

Dethatching/Core Aeration

Fall/Spring are both great times to treat a lawn. However, you do not just want to throw see down and pray. Dethatch, then Aerate a lawn to increase your chance of seed germination!


Landscape beds look great with rock, mulch, or even rock AND mulch! Spice up your homes curb appeal by adding a some nice Landscaping today!

Fall Cleanup

If you wish to have shrubs trimmed as another part of your Fall Cleanup, please mention this when contacting us!

Types of Cleanups...

  • Weekly/Monthly Maintenance

We offer routine Leaf Cleanups to ensure the lawn stays looking fresh as much as possible in the Fall Season

  • One-Time Cleanup

The One-Time Cleanup is for those who wish to wait for all the leaves on their property to fall prior to starting anything.

  • Curbside Cleanup

You may decide to have your leaves blown to the curb for town pickup. Howell offers periodic leaf pickups toward the end of the season, and will publish when and where they will be by zone. If you do not know your zone, you may visit this link to find out.

  • Haul Out/Removal

Hauling out means TJ Lawn and Landscape will compile all the leaves, and use our debris loader to get all the leaves in the dump trailer with ease. Dumping fees will be included in this price.

  • Mulching

Mulching is really only possible with the routine cleanups, as thicker layers of leaves may show the leaves not mulching as well. You will ideally want the leaves mulched into super small pieces inorder for them to degrade back into the lawn as natural fertilizer.


Treating a lawn by Dethatching and Aerating before Overseeding is a great way to ensure a healthier lawn!

  • Dethatching

Thatch is a layer of  dead grass that forms on the soil surface. Dethatching removes this thick layer of decaying plant material so air, water, nutrients, and fertilizer can reach the soil better. This also allows for your lawn can drain more effectively.

  • Core Aeration

Core Aeration takes plugs of dirt out of the yard to allow the seed to fall deeper into the soil, increasing chance of germination greatly. You would not want to seed a lawn with a thick layer of thatch and hard soil. TJ Lawn Service likes to leave the plugs/cores taken from Aerating on the lawn, as they will biodegrade back into the lawn.

  • Overseeding

TJ Lawn and Landscape offers seeding of all types to allow the homeowner a choice of which kind of grass they wish to pursue with their lawn. New Jersey has a lot of Perennial Ryegrass and Fine Fescue lawns with a mix of Kentucky Blue, as they are the grass types that do best in our area.

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