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Max Lorenzo

Landscape Crewman

     My name is Max. I have been a friend of Troy’s since we were in elementary school. Troy has always been a goal oriented individual. A quality such as that, is probably why people gravitate towards him and he tends to have such reliable friends. As soon as Troy told me that he wanted to take his own path in life by creating a business, I knew it was the perfect move for him.

     Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of watching one of my friends grow a dream into a reality. Having the opportunity to watch Troy do something he loves and takes pride in everyday is motivating. While I do have goals and ambitions for myself separate from TJ Lawn Service, this is simply something that I could not pass up being a part of.

     Troy’s appreciation for and dedication to each and every lawn is seen time and time again. 

The repeat customers as well as the new customers each season can absolute attest to this! When considering any of your outdoor needs, be sure to choose the guy that loves what he does. On behalf of TJ Lawn and Landscape, we thank you!

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