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Jon Medeiros

Lawn Crewman

 My name is Jonathan but most call me Jon. I met Troy my sophomore year of high school in History class. Having mutual friends, it was very easy to see the connection we had, and would grow upon as high school progressed. One of the biggest characteristics I saw between us was our dedication to small details and work ethic. This would later prove to be a monumental aspect in the way we work and contribute to the business. 

     I found myself jumping from job to job trying to find something I truly enjoyed. From McDonalds, to Xscape theaters, to now holding a management position at Wawa for the past three years, nothing can compare to the joy I get when looking back at a job, and seeing a clean cut, well maintained lawn.

At TJ Lawn and Landscape, we treat every blade of grass with respect, and hold every job to the same standards as if they were our own. That same attention to details and work ethic that we shared when we met reflects to the work we do. Thank you!  

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