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2022 update - mowing season

     Hello all. Troy here with TJ Lawn and Landscape. As Owner/Operator of TJ Lawn and Landscape, it is my duty to inform our loyal customers of any major changes going on that may affect you as we continue to provide service for your property.

2021 affected many businesses poorly due to Labor Shortages, Supply/Shipping Delays, Material Costs, Gas, etc. Your guess is as good as mine as to how 2022 treats us all. As of January 1st, 2022... We would like to let everyone know of a few changes we need to make in order for us to stay in business ourselves and continue to provide the quality service we do.

*** We Are NO LONGER Servicing Residential Driveways for Snow Removal ***

1. Mowing Schedules

     We are toying with the idea of opening up a second crew to allow one team the ability to service our Weekly homes, while another team tackles other services such as Cleanups, Landscaping, Lawn Treatments, etc (see a list of services provided on the home page).

          A. In addition, if you are on schedule for a specific day; for example Wednesday; please understand the following...

               1. Please clean up any debris, toys, patio furniture, or pet waste prior to our arrival. We reserve the right to stop service on a property if this becomes an issue.

              2. Understand that if you feel your grass is not in need of service and you are aware your day is tomorrow, please reach out the night before to let us know; otherwise we will most likely service the property unless WE believe it is too short. In this case, we will contact you to confirm you are okay skipping this weeks service.

              3. We will not reach out to each homeowner individually in the event of any weather... as of the 2018 season, we added a widget to the top of the homepage of the website that says if our crew is on schedule or not. Please assume that if you are on schedule for a specific day, and weather is in the forecast... we will try to come out the day before or after your initial scheduled service.
In the event of excessive rain days, we will try to come out as close to your day as possible, however a Wash-Out is possible in the scenario of too much rain.

          4. We do NOT encourage homeowners to stay on a schedule that does not benefit their lawn. We have serviced homes that were originally discussed as weekly, but barely grow week to week. With this said, the demand for weekly service has become so large, we will not be servicing Bi-Weekly properties moving forward. If you are one of the few Bi-Weekly properties we still service, please reach out, and we can discuss finding you a service that best fits your properties needs.


2. Payment

     First thing I would like too address is we are enforcing a new baseline price for lawn service. We will inform you beforehand if this affects you in the 2022 season. The new baseline price will be disclosed to homeowners in the near future. This only affects a small amount of properties that were underpriced. Please understand that underpricing a property does not just hurt our business, but others in town as well as it gives us the name of the "cheapest guys around". We do not want that here at TJ Lawn and Landscape. We hope you understand.

     Here is a list of changes happening to the way we accept payment...

          A. We will only be accepting Cash, Check, or Card. Venmo will no longer be accepted. If you decide to pay with Card however, a processing fee is applied to all invoices.

          B. Many customers have requested the feature to do Card on File... When you receive your first emailed invoice for the season, a widget at the top of the invoice will allow you to set that up IF you feel so inclined (this is not enforced as of yet; we do not know if it will become standard practice).

          C. We would like to move as many homeowners to a Monthly payment schedule as possible. We find more people appreciate this form of payment as they can treat it as another monthly bill.

          D. Any job over $500 will require a deposit before starting. Jobs with material cost may increase the deposit.

Payments must be made on time, or we will send out additional invoices. The weekly mowing payments must be made same day of service by 7PM or it is considered late. TJ Lawn and Landscape reserves the right to charge late fees. Please let us know prior to the due date/time if you will not be able to provide payment and we will have no problem extending the pay period. Please view the following...

$100> = Same Day by 7PM

$100-$999 = 3 Days

$1000-$2999 = 7 Days

$3000< = 14 Days

*Late fees may apply. After sending notice 3 times, legal action may be taken in order to receive payment.


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